there are many good ways we modify our spoken language and text language. we do this for a easyer writing experince. one of the abrivations we use is OMG, OMG stands for oh my god. this abreviation can be used in writen and spoken langue. it might be used when texting to speed up the message its easier to write its less letters to write than oh my god. a problem with writing abrevations like OMG is tey can be miss understood or be read the weong way. OMG can be used in spoken language for effect its can create a real feeling, it can also be used as sarcaium in spoken launguage.

another way we have taken to shorting writing laungage over text is swapping out words for letters that sound the same, for example the frase ‘what are you up to?’ has been changed to ‘up2’ this makes typing speed so much fatser it changes the frase from 17 key pad presses to three. when you look at that why wouldnt you say that. the english language is changing but the texting language is changing faster.

one of the other main ways we change our writing is spelling words diffrently to shorten them. we do the to the word night it gets changed to nite, again we do this for convenice of speed.

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  1. This is very interesting work. I’m interested in why (because this is a genuinely fascinating observation) OMG is seen as sarcastic when it’s spoken – I’d be happy to discuss this with you because it’s definitely a complex point!


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